Fuel heating

Choosing fuel heating means multiplying your advantages…

Fill up and forget about recharges

No more refilling chores! Don’t forget that bottled gas is sometimes hard to find and that sometimes connections are incompatible (especially in foreign countries).

In contrast, diesel fuel is easy to find on all roads worldwide!

Less weight and more room

Challenger has also opted for fuel heating because it makes room for more loaded weight. Two 13 kg gas cylinders really weigh 52 kg (13 kg corresponds to contents only). Not having to bring them along represents a significant reduction in weight.

By using just one gas cylinder, you have less weight and more storage space.

Make your trip easier !

Who hasn’t dreaded having to change a gas cylinder in the cold of midnight? With Challenger, your life on board is easier. Just a glance at the gas gauge will ensure you never come up short on fuel. With Challenger, you won’t have to bother with gas cylinders. Only the refrigerator, the hot plate and sometimes the water heater are connected to a gas supply.

Think about your comfort

In contrast to gas, which requires a protected circuit that closes off the gas supply in case of impact, fuel heating can be used all the time and with total safety. When you stop for the night, you’ll appreciate finding a warm unit waiting for you. Unlike many of our competitors, we supply this solution as a standard feature. Some competitors don’t even offer it in option!

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