Challenger, a top French brand

For 35 years, Challenger has drawn on its renowned expertise to design and manufacture Motorhomes, we are now a European market leader in the recreational vehicle sector

A French Vehicle Maker

CHALLENGER was born and designed in the heart of the Rhône Valley vineyards

For over 35 years, our Challenger motorhomes have been designed and built at Trigano VDL, Tournon-sur-Rhône, Ardèche, France.
In this wine-growing region, almost 1,000 people work to produce our recreational vehicles, making this one of the largest manufacturing sites in Europe.


A quarter-century dedicated exclusively to camper innovation and extended availability

Since 25 February 1985, we have worked to make motorhomes more accessible.

For over 35 years, we have ceaselessly innovated to provide you with the best equipment at an affordable price.

Our aim: to help more people discover the joys of motorhomes.

Add to the 45,000 Challengers that are already on the road!

Our approach

The camper is a privilege reserved for EVERYONE !

We remain loyal to the approach we adopted when we began in 1985, with a strategy based on the right price: a well-equipped motorhome offering the essentials for a great trip, at an affordable price.

We are constantly searching for the optimal balance between price and equipment, where quality, safety and comfort are never optional.

Challenger must continue to offer the joys of travelling in a motorhome – discovering new places, tasting new produce, meeting new people – regardless of your destination, near or far.

Quality Lab

A laboratory dedicated to ensuring the durability and good quality of your motorhome

We test our motorhomes and components under extreme conditions: accelerated ageing, warping, resistance and climate tests.

Our aim: to ensure that your Challenger motorhome is both comfortable and durable.

Fitted Vans

Another approach to campers

For over 10 years, we have provided customers with a range of vans which have been designed and produced on a dedicated manufacturing site with cutting-edge technology.

When you choose a Challenger van, you choose the certainty of a vehicle designed with high quality materials and guaranteed support by one of our 170 Challenger distributors whenever you travel.


Warranties from a leading manufacturer.

Fitted vans, Low profiles, A-class, Overcabs, Vans; all our motorhomes have a parts and labour warranty, as well as a waterproof warranty. When you choose a Challenger motorhome, you are choosing the certainty that a major French manufacturer can offer.

Spare parts

A European platform specialized in spare parts.

Our Warranties

Customer service

Choosing CHALLENGER means enjoying your camper will full peace of mind and…for a long, long time.

When you choose a Challenger motorhome or van, you are also choosing a vast network of distributors. With the help of these 170 motorhome and fitted van specialists, Challenger customers enjoy access to distributor and maintenance structures that offer a competent, thorough and professional service.

To support our customers, a customer service centre is in operation in Tournon-sur-Rhône.


Our partners trust us

When you buy a motorhome, a fitted van or a van, you put your trust in us.
We are honoured to have your trust, and we invite you to learn more about our partners: those that we trust, and who trust us.
We are working together conscientiously and professionally to meet your expectations and reward you for the trust that you have put in us. The recognition our customers give us makes Challenger one of the leading brands in the motorhome sector.

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